Learn How to Overcome Fear, Unleash Your True Potential, Create New Habits, and Live Your Life to the Fullest.



So let me ask you, do you remember what it was like to be a little kid with big dreams?

Anything was possible, wasn’t it?  As kids we believe that we can be and do anything.

Then life happens…

Responsibility keeps piling on top of our lives and it slowly puts out our fire.

We go from being inspired and excited to live our dreams, to feeling like we’re stuck and not where we want to be.

Symptoms of this include:  fear, overwhelm, stress, depression, anxiety, and more.  

Is it a career that no longer lights you up?  A relationship that isn’t working?  Feeling stagnant?

Don’t worry, we can help 🙂  Read on and you’ll see how we are igniting purpose and dreams.


Here are two words that break my heart…

“Settling” and “Regret”

To me, settling is giving up on your dreams.  It’s choosing to play life safe and comfortable instead of “going for it.”

Making a big life change is scary.  But do you know what is even scarier?  REGRET.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of what could have been.  What you could have accomplished.  The goals you could have achieved.

Your past is already written.  But your future?  It’s still to be decided.

Read on to learn how my Life on Fire Academy can ensure that you turn your dreams into reality.


The courage to go after everything you want. The courage to say this is the moment when everything starts to change.

It’s time to stop waiting until the perfect moment.

Today is the day you must begin living courageously.

Why listen to me?

As founder of Life on Fire.com I’ve coached over 2,551 people on how to get clear on what they want and to achieve their wildest dreams.

My unique ability is to clearly teach simple strategies that I call “mindset hacks” that will help you unlock your true potential and live your life to the fullest. I call that living your life on fire! 😉

I’ve coached everyone from entrepreneurs, sales professionals, executives, service professionals, and stay at home moms to achieve their dreams.

Notable clients include: Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy Seals.com, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and more.

As a High Performance Coach, International speaker, & best-selling author I’ve been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, CEO.com, Inspiyr, Huffington Post, and many others.

Now I certainly don’t share that with you to brag. Instead, it’s so that you can feel confident knowing that all of my training is based on real life experience and not just hype.

I also know what it’s like to start with absolutely nothing.

In 2010 I was 28 years old and $50,000 in debt from my 11th business failure. That was the moment that changed everything.

I tattooed a goal on my chest to sell a business in 2 years before I turned 30 years old. Everyone told me I was flat out crazy.

I set out to prove the world that anyone could achieve greatness with the right mindset. Within 2 years I successfully sold my online advertising agency just like my tattoo said I would, boom!

You’re going to learn skills and habits from a guy that built up his Life on Fire from scratch…nothing was natural for me. I had to learn everything.
I’m here to shortcut your learning curve, ignite your soul, and help you live your Life on Fire…now!


We believe that you can literally do anything you put your mind to

We believe that you’re never too old (or young) to pursue your wildest dreams

We believe that with enough courage you can literally change the world

We believe that we are stronger together…you don’t have to do it alone

We are here to help you become the rockstar you were meant to be and live your life up to your fullest potential every single day.
“The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change The World Are the Ones Who Do” ~ Steve Jobs


We are…

“Turning Dreams Into Reality, Together!”


Our Life on Fire Academy is an accelerated learning platform and personal growth community that is on a mission to help you live your life on fire as you achieve your wildest dreams.

Simply put…it is the most advanced LIVE Group coaching program on the market.

We combine LIVE group coaching & accountability with a library of advanced home study courses.

The results…well they speak for themselves, be sure to read on and see for yourself.


Increasing your income

When you combine specialized knowledge with focused action you will experience your income in your business or at your job increasing.

More time freedom

When you are crystal clear on your life vision and you have a community support system you will find that you are working more efficiently and have more time to do the things that you love.

“BE” Happier

When you’re way of “BEING” is whole and complete…you will experience more peace and joy in your life.  We believe that living your Life on Fire is about enjoying the journey, not just the destination.


Be a part of something bigger and meet like-minded Life on Fire Family members that will support you on your journey.  Many lifelong friendships are forged and we even have a few people who have gotten married from our community 🙂

What’s Included

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

As a member you will have access to exclusive live weekly group coaching calls at 12pm PST with me, Nick Unsworth. I’ll be coaching you on how to learn new skills, create new habits, and to achieve your dreams…faster.

Each call has a tangible fast action step so that you can focus on TAKING ACTION to get immediate results.  Each week’s coaching session is recorded and made available to you right away in the member’s area for your convenience.


When you join our Life on Fire Academy you will be invited into our “Family” of like-minded people who have decided and committed to live their lives to the fullest.

You’ll have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you will get inspired to roll up your sleeves and pursue your wildest dreams with us.

Our group accountability & “crowd learning” model will push you to unleash your greatest human potential.

Book Club

Knowledge is power…BUT applied knowledge is 100x more powerful

Have you ever heard the statistic that only less than 10% of people actually read past the first chapter of a book?

Every month we choose one book that we encourage you to read. When you’re a part of a community where everyone is reading it and sharing their take aways in a private Facebook group you are WAY more likely to follow through and read it as well.

Access to Monthly Prizes

Each month we leverage the power of “Crowd Learning” and “Group Gamification” (see more on this below) to create rapid momentum in your life.

We have proven that when you reward learning & taking action with entries into a drawing to win amazing prizes…the results increase exponentially.

Example for our August – September 2017 prizes:  $1,000 cash, Apple Watch, Alexa Dot, Life on Fire backyard Bag Toss, and pint glasses.  

When you set your monthly goals & share your monthly “wins” in our Facebook group you enter into our drawing.  We choose the winners every month via Facebook live in our exclusive group.

Life on Fire Library of Home Study Courses

When you join our Life on Fire Academy you’ll receive INSTANT access to our home study courses.

Our convenient member’s area is set up so that you can consume the content on the go as you please.

Here’s a list of our Life Transforming home study courses…

Money Mastery Challenge ($497)

My home study course designed to reprogram how you think about money. Many people don’t realize that it’s old money “beliefs” that they got from childhood that are actually holding them back.

You’ll learn tangible techniques an strategy on how to attract and create more abundance in your life.

Being wealthy is a choice. I’ll show you how to go from being a slave to money to mastering it once and for all.

Double Your Productivity Challenge ($497)

My home study course designed to help you get more done in 4 days than you would in 4 weeks.

Imagine what life would be like if you had more time…what would you do with it, where would go, who would you see? I’ll show you how…

You’ll learn my step-by-step system that will literally get you more time back and help you remove all the “noise” in your life so that you can live happier and healthier.

Life Vision Challenge ($497)

Step-by-step process to clarify your life vision so that you create unstoppable motivation in your life.

You’ll learn how to achieve EXACTLY what you want…when you want.

Brand Your Way to the Top ($497)

Learn how to increase your influence and brand positioning by getting published on authority websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and more.
“Expert” brand positioning = attract more sales & ability to increase your prices.

Webinar Profits Challenge ($497 Value)

This home study course is designed to help you work smarter not harder. You’ll learn a step-by-step process on how to build an automated marketing funnel to attract ideal customers.

Fastest Path to Cash Challenge ($497 Value)

Learn how to acquire high profile clients with our “Anchor Client” strategy. You’ll also learn how to master networking so that you grow your business simply by the conversations that you have.

Ideal Customer Challenge ($497 Value)

One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face is not having a clearly defined “ideal” customer.

We’ll help you define who your ideal customer is so that your marketing becomes more effective.


Ignite Your Business Academy ($497)

The ultimate training for coaches & consultants that want to build 6-figure businesses.  You’ll learn a variety of hands on strategies on how to attract and acquire ideal clients.  We’ll take you all the way from just getting started all the way to learning how to scale your business and create leverage.  A must have for coaches & consultants.

The Referral Marketing Challenge ($497)

Most people have a “revolving door” business.  I’ll teach you the “3 business-units” strategy and why it’s so important to build a referral machine.  Referrals and positive word of mouth are literally the most effective forms of marketing.  You’ll learn how to build up your army of brand ambassadors so that you can achieve your wildest business dreams.

Intro to NLP Challenge ($497)

NLP is an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  NLP is an approach to communication & personal development.  You’ll learn how to master your inner “critic” (self-talk) and communication with others.  Our NLP training will open up new possibilities in your life and you’ll find that you’re more on fire than ever with our training.

Life on Fire Fitness Challenge ($497)

Part of living your Life on Fire is having living with optimal health and fitness.  When you are healthy you’ll find that you’re more able to flourish in your career.  Our personal and professional lives are interwoven.  You’ll learn very SIMPLE mindset techniques that will shift your health & fitness forever.

Ticket to Our Annual Ignite Event ($297)

By joining our Life on Fire Academy right now you’ll receive a ticket to our annual Ignite event.  Ignite has been the catalyst that has set thousands of lives on fire.  Our attendees consistently share their success stories with us.  People quitting their jobs to start their dream business.  People finding love.  People living with purpose and passion.  People overcoming past trauma and negative emotions.  You don’t have to do it alone…join us for a truly life transforming event!

Life on Fire Academy Group Coaching
Double Your Productivity
Life Vision Challenge
Money Mastery Challenge
Brand Your Way to the Top
Webinar Profits Challenge
Fastest Path to Cash Challenge
Ideal Customer Challenge
Bonus: Ignite Your Business Academy
Bonus: Referral Marketing Challenge
Bonus: Intro to NLP Challenge
Bonus: Life on Fire Fitness Challenge
Bonus:  Ticket to Ignite March 22nd – 24th



Life on Fire Academy with Bonuses

30 Days FREE, Then $29.99/month


Cancel At Any Time

Limited Time Offer
Don’t Miss Out


You betcha, We have a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Join us for 30 days and if it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations then I’ll give you a full refund. You can even keep all the bonuses.

There’s absolutely no risk and you can experience our live weekly coaching & home study courses and get your money back if you aren’t 100% happy.

But…don’t be so negative! Come with your sleeves rolled up and an attitude that you’ll be successful and you will be. I’ll make sure of it!

By the way…did you see that we are giving you “LIFETIME” access to our live group coaching!?  We firmly believe in OVER DELIVERING to our clients.  I can’t wait for you to be our next big success story.

“The whole Life on Fire experience has helped me find myself and see what my gifts were to share with the world.” ~ Calvin
“Initially I joined cause I wanted to be part of a network of like minded entrepreneurs… ” ~ Carlos
“anyone who asks for help, anyone who asks for any guidance, we all chip in together and help each other out ” ~ Yves

Why “Crowd Learning” is proven to be more effective?

I’ve pioneered and coined the phrase “crowd learning ® .” Simply put, it is the act of learning in a group in real time.

According to Seth Godin “97% of people buy online courses and don’t even log in.”

It’s human nature to start and stop things. Most people have a tendency to not follow through even if it’s an important task.

Example, you buy a book and only read the first 10 pages.

Example two, you get fired up to start a diet but then you quit after 2 weeks.

It’s easy to get excited about something but it’s much harder to develop a true habit and turn it into a lifestyle and way of being.

Crowd learning helps increase your likelihood of success because of the group accountability that we create.

Most people are much more likely to follow through because someone “else” is counting on them.

This is why personal trainers work. On the days that you just don’t feel like going to the gym you don’t want to let the trainer down that’s waiting for you.

Join my Life on Fire Academy today and let us hold you accountable as you create new habits and a new lifestyle that sticks long term.

“Group Gamification” to Win Awesome Monthly Prizes

After coaching thousands of people to get what they want out of life I’ve found that “gamifying” the process dramatically increases the results.  It’s also way more fun too!

My “Group Gamification ® “ model is the first and only of it’s kind and the results speak for themselves.

Each month you’ll be rewarded for taking actions that are proven to move your life forward.

Example:  Each month when you share your wins & goals in our Facebook group you’ll receive entries into our monthly drawing for prizes.

Just by consuming our content in the member’s area you’ll also receive entries to win prizes as well.

Live Weekly Group Coaching, Home Study Courses, & Community that will help you get into action, and experience more money, time, and freedom.

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Join our Life on Fire Academy and let our coaching, accountability, and AMAZING community help you turn your dreams into reality!

Life on Fire Academy with Bonuses

30 Days FREE, Then $29.99/month


Cancel At Any Time

Limited Time Offer
Don’t Miss Out

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